Miracles Made Easy

Healing Hands

Some people see energy, others feel it.  People with the gift of healing
are able to send energy into a person’s body to where it is most needed.  
It is the energy of Love and Light that is transmitted. As they say, 
“Love heals all wounds” and “Light shines the way.”

I was in college when I discovered I had an innate gift for “laying-on-hands” healing.   Many people have this gift but don’t know it.  The basics can be taught in less than an hour.  Mastery, however, takes extensive study and practice.  

My particular specialty is simultaneously seeding the subconscious with thoughts that will make you more receptive (less resistant) to allowing healing and improvement.

Healing Love Energy Center 

Love heals.  Love energy helps people break free and reach new heights.  Whatever other work is being done, love makes the process easier, progress faster, results more profound.   

The Healing Love Energy Center takes a holistic approach, attending to all aspects of self:  mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual.  We facilitate the journey of self-discovery as you birth into Being-ness the beautiful Truth of who you really are.  

We are a resource for information and guidance about personal transformation and quantum-leap healing, global evolution and spiritual awakening.   We provide a place for beginners to explore, novices to practice, the experienced to share, everyone to learn and grow, heal and become.

Healing Prayer

We review your needs and aims – what’s wrong, what’s wanted, goals you’re finding it difficult to achieve.  After leading you to a place of receptive deep quiet, I then speak a long prayer that addresses these desires and intentions, what undermines and impedes, enables and uplifts.  I speak to the subconscious parts of you that have been resisting in order to elicit their cooperation, and call upon cosmic forces to support your aims.