Miracles Made Easy

What is a Miracle?

A miracle is any extra-ordinary event, occurrence or appearance that can’t be explained with logic or scientifically. It is beyond our assumed capacity to make happen.

Can anyone create miracles?

That’s right.  Not just God and Saints, but ordinary people are born with this innate capacity.  

How easy is it to learn how?

Each of us learns at our own pace.  It’s a matter of wanting and willingness.  The more we explore and play, the sooner we discover our power to create surprising results. 

Can I teach myself?

You certainly can.  That’s the purpose of Miracles Made Easy.  To get you started, and remind you of what you already know but may not have been applying with sufficient regularity.

Why aren’t we aware we have this capacity?

Lots of reasons. One biggy is that most people associate miracles with religion, and we’ve been taught not to discuss religion or politics in general company. Which cuts us off from what there is to be learned.

How can I / we tap in to this incredible potential?

The more aware we are that many miracles happen far more often, to many more people, than we ever realized, that’s when we start to learn how to create them for ourselves. Which is the purpose of this book, Miracles Made Easy, and the Free Miracles – Give Away project.

Got another question?

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