About Ann

My first two miracles happened when I was about twelve.  It wasn’t until
30 years later that I first mentioned it to anyone.  In my 50’s I began to consciously  learn the basics, about how to claim my power and create
desired results.  Now, much of the time, it feels like if I’m living a
miraculous life.    

This doesn’t mean I’m without problems, fear, angst or tears.  It means that whatever the challenge, I am more relaxed, clear,  better able to accept how
things are, to hang in there until things turn around – which they always
eventually do.  Now solutions tend to show up, often from unexpected
sources.  Life flows with ever greater effortless ease. 

For information about my background as a Potentialist and the services
I offer, click here to visit my personal website: www.AnnMcGill.com